If you’re like a lot of businesses out there, you’re using the basics of your Dynamics 365 system, got up and running, and never did anything more. Most implementations are considered failures, but we can’t consider implementations that are using the very basic feature set great successes. It’s a matter of numbers and return.

Not only return on investment, monetarily, but also effectively. Dynamics 365 should streamline your processes, providing users with additional time to make sales, satisfy customers, and deliver a fully transparent system to owners and leaders.

What you are not using yet!

We all know that Dynamics 365 can manage your Accounts (customers, prospects, vendors, partners, referrers, etc.) and your sales, but what about the other 80% of the system?

Here’s a list of areas that you may not be utilizing in your current system:

  • Marketing
  • Automations / Workflows
  • Integrations (not only with the Microsoft suite of products, but other databases, websites, API’s, etc.)
  • Advanced Security Settings
  • Business Process Flows
  • Custom Entities
  • Goals and Forecasting
  • Canvas Apps
  • Surveys
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Customer Service Portal (for your customers)
  • Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, LinkedIn, Sales Insights, and more)

Adding functionality in one or more of these areas can really take your CRM to the next level. Taking advantage of what is available to you puts you on the same playing ground as your competitors.

Get it right from the start…

Creating your CRM environment is a lot like building a house. Without a blueprint and an architect, you may end up with a bunch of rooms that have no continuity or function. In fact, the foundation may not be there to add more later. It’s important to find the right consultant who can evaluate what you have in place, make recommendations for the first set of actions to take (quickest results) and can create a plan for moving forward.

Here at TMC our CRM team is exclusively focused on Dynamics 365 and the success of our clients. If you want a free system evaluation and recommendations, we’d love to help. 

Visit our Microsoft Cloud Business Solutions to learn more about our solutions in order to further your understanding of financial and business management systems. Team up with a certified Microsoft Gold Partner to make your migration to the cloud seamless. If you have any questions regarding Dynamics 365 or other ERP/CRM systems, contact us.

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