Services ERP software provides ability to Assess and Assign the right people to projects

It almost seems like it’s too much horsepower for a small-to-medium size business, but Microsoft Dynamics features can be customized and added-to as a company expands.

Unlike a lot of ‘management’ software for the services industries, the Redmond Giant’s enterprise resource management (ERP) platform opens the door to a more collaborative environment, making it a superb choice as a services ERP software

“Intuitive.” That’s kind of the Microsoft trademark behind Dynamic’s design. For example, projects can be overseen visually by utilizing a kanban board—a key tool used throughout the acclaimed Toyota Production System.

But the service sectors also benefit with such creative tools: Team members assigned roles, their tasks and time lines, as well as esoteric-sounding guages as the “key performance indicators (KPIs); changes and re-assignments can be made quickly via Windows or web browsers.

At the core of this software is its capability to integrate numerous modules throughout the platform. Need that financial report to show your investors, along with profiles of your A-team staff? On-demand reports are easy to generate, even from smartphones and tablets.

Developers of this software knew full well how the demands of business, and markets, will always remain in flux…and why this suite was not a static-off-the-shelf klunker. As such, the inner workings of this software provide ways to nurture customer relationships, both now and for the future:

“That means recruiting and developing the right talent—a challenge compounded by the fact that the best and brightest professionals may leave for a competitor or for industry the moment that firm growth falters or professional development opportunities wane.

Operationally, professional services organizations and their practice leaders have to walk a tightrope to balance assigning the right people to the right client service engagements with making sure that the firm delivers predictable services and profitable results.”

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