New ERP Software: Take your first "Sure Step" towards success

New ERP Software: Take your first “Sure Step” towards success

Switching your business operations over to new ERP software can be time consuming, difficult and especially risky.  It takes time to learn the different software functions and could even lead to clerical errors which could set a business back. However there is now no need to fear the rigors of new ERP software implementation.  By addressing these five success factors, and the help of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, an enterprise can easily avoid the risk!

Executive Commitment: A lack of executive commitment will be the biggest roadblock to successful implementation. If upper and middle management are not committed, then the project is doomed to fail. To keep executives interested and on board, ask them to take on active roles in the project and keep them involved with constant briefings on the projects many successes!

Smart Budgeting: Instead of cutting implementation costs by minimizing important things like training, budget smarter! Work with your partner to ensure rapid success to cut down on costs. Also, keep management in the loop and get them to include training as part of every day business activities.

Change Management: Change is not always a bad thing. Eliminate frustration and drive adoption.  Keep all communication channels opens across your enterprise. Work with your Microsoft partner to ensure you are correctly applying your ERP to your industry. Remember: Always keep the customer in mind! Keep them in the loop of any and all policy changes involved in the project implementation.

Project Management: There is no “I” in success. Success comes from working well as a team. Pick someone to be project manager early and make sure the rest of the team shows their support. Make sure the team uses effective communication tools to ensure functionality and success!

Manageable Modifications: Modify your project to your budget and business needs. Work closely with your partner to close the gap between software functionality and your specific business needs. Encourage your team to adapt to new streamlined implementation.

By focusing on these five categories, you business can take the “Sure Step” towards success when buying new ERP software!