Microsoft Office 365-online integrates with MS Dynamics GP to enhance collaboration

Small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors often rely on multiple programs and apps to track internal workflows and financials, as well as customer preferences.

A product manager, for example, may use Excel spreadsheets to monitor all phases of the product cycle, from material procurement and assembly to status on the line to final shipping. The limitations  of using an array of spreadsheets are immense, given the fact that such files remain isolated from other decision-makers. This lack of transparency can impede communications and impact product fulfillments.

Deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP, a robust ERP platform, can solve many of these challenges, particularly since the software integrates with the online capability of Microsoft Office 365. Consequently, Office Web applications (Word and Excel) interconnect with MS Dynamics GP, allowing for increased transparency as well as a more collaborative work environment.

Overall, this robust business-process software provides the tools to help increase operational efficiencies in areas of finance and accounting (cash flow and asset management; banking; inventory management and operations; sales and service; business intelligence and reporting.

In the past, ERP implementations were troublesome, costly with questionable outcomes. Today, more and more companies are not only turning to ERP system to handle daily tasks, but also for  ‘big data’ analytics. In the latter case, for example, MS Dynamics GP users can accurately create demand forecasts and costs sheets associated with both origination and destination charges.

MS Dynamics GP is easily implemented without the need for lengthy training, or special coding when customization is needed. Contact us to learn more about pricing and our remote training options.

Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)