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Businesses looking to switch enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) are often very concerned about one factor: cost. The question they must ask themselves is not only how much will it cost to implement and maintain a new system, but also whether the added value is worth the cost. Businesses considering the switch to Microsoft Dynamics SL need to look at four crucial factors when considering the cost of what Microsoft Dynamics SL pricing will look like for their company:

Number of users

Although pricing varies by industry, in general businesses pay based on the number of concurrent users. Businesses should expect to pay about $2,250 per Microsoft Dynamics SL user. The cost estimate per user drops to a few hundred dollars for basic users, who don’t need the same level of access as power users. Look at your business’s user count when estimating cost. Accurately calculating the number of users that genuinely need the software can sometimes make or break your decision; with too few users, the cost might seem unjustifiable, and with too many, money will unnecessarily be flushed away.


As with any new product or service, there are one-time costs associated with implementing the switch. Don’t let these surprise you or even deter you. In the long-run these will be worth their initial up-front cost!


If you’ve ever purchased a bargain-basement appliance such as a refrigerator, you quickly learned that what sounded like a good deal was anything but. In addition to evaluating the up-front costs of implementation, consider what it will cost to maintain the service, including tech support and user training. This service can vary from source and cost; depending on whether you have an IT team, and if you do, the extent and capabilities of their expertise on your new software.

Customizations & third-party software

Depending on your industry, you may need to customize or add third-party software to your ERP. No matter what the salespeople tell you, there is no such as thing as a pure out-of-the-box solution. Microsoft Dynamics SL is already very robust, with little need for additional customization, but your business needs may still require additional third-party software at extra cost. Again, don’t let that put you off implementing SL! Add-ons can only make you and your colleagues’ lives easier! Whether it be an automatization program or a customized menu, most often they are worth the cost.

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