Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation: How Your Company Should Prepare for an ERP Implementation

Young companies and organizations that have firm business plans and goals will more than likely be aware of the changes down the road that will need to take place in order to stay competitive. Newer and smaller businesses don’t need the same type of software solutions that larger businesses require. However, as time passes and an SMB begins to expand and grow, the originating reporting and management software no longer can meet the deliverables it once did. The Dynamics NAV solution has provided companies with similar experiences the ability to adapt their reporting systems to meet the current requirements of the business and scale with the business as it grows.

Your Dynamics NAV Implementation  (dynamics nav training) can be done so in order to meet the various unique and specific business systems, or it can be done so with the expectation of future customizations. A common obstacle among growing companies is the ability to deal with challenges that threaten software compatibility. Dynamics NAV appears to have established a popular following for it’s ability to remove such obstacles.

Present and future reporting needs of many SMBs are more manageable through the Dynamics NAV application. That being said, it is important for any SMB to be involved and invested in the implementation process from the beginning. Successful implementations of Dynamics NAV really comes down to a business or organization understanding what the issues and speed bumps are.

To prepare for these “speed bumps”, organizations should conduct an internal audit of all of their processes and policies before choosing an ERP system. TMC recommends your company putting together an ERP evaluation team composed of stakeholders from across the business. And, if you feel you do not have the in-house capability to properly evaluate ERP systems, consider hiring an experienced third-party, vendor-neutral consultant, who has experience implementing ERP solutions at companies in your industry.

Understanding these challenges helps establish a successful initial implementation of the Dynamics NAV structure. Furthermore, understanding what is needed in the beginning will make the scalable solutions in the future more clear.

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Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)