Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Retirement and What's Next for Business Enterprises

Also referred to as Great Plains, Dynamics GP is an administrative system geared towards the US market. It is an ERP implementation program that aids businesses in managing their back-end operations.

Some of these back-end operations include but are not limited to the following:

•    Accounting

•    Business intelligence

•    Project management

•    Warehouse management

•    Financial management

•    Inventory management

Overall, most enterprises using Dynamics GP are not “IT lead.” They are content with what works for them and do not need cutting-edge features. This article covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics GP’s retirement.

At the Community Summit recently held in North America, the words of Mike Morton – a Microsoft executive, shocked everyone in the room. Mike Morton confirmed that Microsoft will end mainstream support for Dynamics GP in 2028 and switch to extended support. It will be approximately five years from now, but this begs the question. What will happen next?

The clarified message published by Microsoft indicated the following:

•    Microsoft will no longer accept requests for new features and changes of designs during the extended support phase.

•    While Dynamics GP will receive updates for the foreseeable future, the updates will be minor. You will need to purchase add-ons to keep it running. The support package will include zero-cost security updates and paid non-security updates and support.

•    Microsoft will continue to release regulatory (tax) and security updates for Dynamics GP, but the October 2022 release was the last to include other features.

•    If you are an existing GP customer, you need not worry, as you can run your business for years.

What Options Do Enterprises Have?

Following the above clarifications, businesses should not expect significant updates to capabilities in Dynamics GP. Microsoft’s recent investments and innovations will be seen in other Dynamics 365 offerings. Being on Dynamics GP will be like caring for an “old car.” The system still works, but you’d have to buy add-ons to keep it running. However, it will die soon, so you’ll have to upgrade to a newer and better system, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft’s latest innovation is Dynamics 365 Business Central. Business Central will be the focus of Microsoft’s investments in the SMB segment. If you want to transform your business, we recommend moving to Business Central.

Microsoft will also have to plan its next steps before the system becomes unsupported. Failure to plan will make it challenging for businesses to integrate with certain ISVs because most ISV partners will follow. There will be some partners who will serve GP users, but the number of providers is limited. And due to the fewer providers, users will waste more time looking for new partners, costing them money.

Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Customers can reach their full potential while using Dynamics 365. It contains the following features:

•    New in-built user interface

•    All-in-one integration with other Microsoft services

•    Simple customization

•    Order processing

•    Efficient financial management

With a Microsoft Dynamics partner, customers can expect to be assisted with their GP-to-BC migration. Customers will continue to work directly with their existing partner while using these services as a “partner-to-partner” resource.

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