Microsoft Dynamics GP tracks expanding payrolls and integrates with the software's 'Payables Management' featureAs a growing company, you’ve hired a lot of new employees over the past couple of years. And, as the economy continues to improve, you’re quickly discovering how important competitive pay increases are to ensure staff continuity in your sector.

Expanding payrolls = room for errors and inefficiencies

Tracking these changes can be cumbersome, if not undoable, when using Excel, Word or even Post-it ® Notes, for example. For accounting, this means a lot of time spent entering the right pay codes for employees; this, to account for different hiring dates as well as the new pay schedules.

An important component to Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ‘Post-Date Pay Rates’ module, which allows the accounting department to enter pay rate changes and effective dates seamlessly. Consequently, data entries are more accurate because instead of sorting through a growing list of pay rate changes and employee anniversary dates, for example, users can filter through a specific queue to populate the program.

Payroll and more…

A key component of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ‘Payables Management’ module that attends to all of the other factors that affect the payroll cycle. Entering in the right deductions for insurance, or retirement contributions and taxes,  for example, is handled automatically while making sure the right vendor is associated with account payables.

Microsoft Dynamics software is completely scalable to match a company’s needs. This ensures that the initial investment is kept to an absolute minimum while bringing more ROI to specific departments.

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