Microsoft Azure provides global, cloud-hosting benefits for Dynamics GP

A lot of business owners don’t realize it, but they’ve been using ‘cloud’ programs for some time now: Outlook and ‘off-premise’ storage, to name a couple of examples,

So the idea of something ‘out there,’ like Microsoft Azure, that’s bigger than what one can possibly imagine is daunting, particularly when outcomes can result in huge cost savings: less IT staff as the ‘service’ provides system maintenance, and security while ensuring needed upgrades are handled on-time.

Small manufacturers and distributors looking to utilize the powerful business tool, Microsoft Dynamics GP, for example, may ask themselves “why” they should let an off-premise cloud-hosting provider control their critical processes.

The truth of the matter is that business owners don’t give up control of their networks, files, documents and proprietary programs. Instead, companies are choosing a hybrid approach to cloud SaaS, allowing some processes to be handled by the cloud while keeping critical processes on-premise.

Dynamics GP’s overall performance is enhanced through the use Azure hosting. Aside from streamlining back office accounting tasks, monitoring supply chains, warehouse and distribution management, these cloud-rendered services ala Microsoft Azure provide 24/7 accessibility…worldwide.

Other factors underscoring the power of Azure include:

  • Scalability for growing customer demands
  • Around-the-clock Dynamics ERP solutions
  • 99.9% availability guarantees
  • Support staff to reduce on-premise IT costs
  • Specific customer profiling = control of consumption costs
  • Patching, upgrades, backups and recoveries provided

Granted, many business owners may not be ready to embrace today’s cloud solutions, but putting off the decision can delay improvements to the bottom line.

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Written by D.G. (Technical  Team)