The number of remote workers and remote jobs is rising exponentially. Currently, about 3.7 million employees are working remotely, and the number is still increasing.

Remote work or work-from-home is no longer a choice. Some big business giants are already making it a permanent requirement to migrate over 70% of their workforce to work remotely.

Other businesses that settled for remote work, not by choice, are now considering the new setting as it is worthwhile, better, and convenient. With the right technologies in place, remote work can help grow a business fast.

However, with the competitive online world and fast-changing technologies, finding the right technology for your remote workers may be challenging. Are you thinking of adopting remote work in your workplace? The secret to successfully managing and boosting collaboration to maximize business products is using Microsoft 365. Let’s see how!


What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft has been at the forefront of providing its users with the most innovative technologies that enable collaboration and automation. They are continuously innovative and revolve towards providing a small world with endless opportunities to change how people work. The new technologies go towards their 365 programming, where work undergoes a monumental change.

Under Office 365, users can enjoy asynchronous communication, ensuring that meetings occur seamlessly, transcending time and space. Also, with increased AI use, technology has unlocked great potential to boost work in ways no one even dreamed of.

Succeeding the new normal will require businesses to embrace remote or hybrid working. Employees will still need a secure connection by using a digital fabric that brings the entire team together. Microsoft 365 is a digital application designed to help your business achieve more than just remote work.

It has intelligent cloud solutions, world-class security, and unmatched innovative applications you should start using immediately.

Here is a breakdown of some of the top tips Microsoft 365 will help you manage your remote workers.


1. Around The Clock Accessibility

The first step in the successful implementation of remote working is giving your remote workers the ability to access the information they require to work. With Microsoft 365, accessing documents is seamless. The employees will use OneDrive to edit, save files, and access them anywhere on any device.


2. Improve Remote Employee Collaboration

Now is when you don’t have to sit next to someone to work with them. One of the most important perks of Microsoft 365 is having access to various 365 products and their specific benefits. Some of the most commonly used products are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more.

You can share and collaborate with workers in real-time to ensure every project is on track. The products will also allow employees to collaborate on their work even halfway across the globe.


3. World-Class Security for Business Operations

The key to making your remote work successful is ensuring you have maximum security and flexibility. It allows your business data to stay protected, and your employees can scale their services according to the business needs.

The threat landscape keeps evolving, meaning businesses have to look for the best solution for maximum protection. Microsoft 365 has all the security features to enable you to enjoy advanced threat protection, Windows defender, and a secure score.


4. Seamless Communication

Communication is vital in business, and remote work should not affect this. With Microsoft 365, various communication channels such as Skype, Yammer, and Teams allow you to continue regular communications.


Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. Microsoft 365 will help you manage your remote workers effectively. When you think of implementing remote work and want to embrace digital transformation, we highly recommend Microsoft 365.

For support and guidance, contact us at TMC to understand what it will take for your company to start a remote workspace through Microsoft 365.