Dynamics GP training minimal, particularly if adding industry-specific templates

‘Customer-centric’ may be an over-used phrase when describing the focus of a company’s marketing strategy, or product design, but Forrester Research notes how the digital components of a business is a key to fulfilling this philosophy. The outcomes push companies to reshape their mission objectives, thereby adding more value to their customer relationships:

“Empowered customers, armed with ever-increasing digital capability, increasingly expect any information, any service, at their moment of need…(companies) are sharing with Forrester how they are disrupting the way they work to meet their empowered customers’ needs, to become customer-obsessed..(furthermore)to overcome the nagging frustration of IT gravity that suppresses your and your team’s ability to influence the direction of your business, to build new competitive advantage.”

Their overview is fitting, particularly when discussing the benefits of using out-of-the-box ERP/CRM software, like less time needed by IT for Dynamics GP training, or the optional CRM implementation. In the latter case, Microsoft offers standard templates without the need for specialized coding or customization, thanks to modules like Templates for Microsoft  Dynamics 2015.

Such templates use industry-related standards to deliver data models, provide automated workflows and streamline key business processes.

As an example, one template integrates marketing, sales and service departments into a single, transparent and collaborative  “environment. The Dashboard monitors areas such as:

  • New Business Development and Marketing Accounts manager
  • Sales Rep…Area /Territory Sales Manager
  • CSM (Customer Service Manager) plus Customer Service Representative

Contact us to learn more about the ease of Dynamics GP training, regardless of the number of modules you need: in most cases, the software can be up and running without dramatic upfront costs.

Written by J.L. (Consulting Team)