Dynamics GP 2010 Get 20% Off Sales Offer Extended thru 12/18/12

Dynamics GP 2010: Get 20% Off Sales Offer Extended thru 12/18/12

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Get 20% Off Sales Offer Extended to 12/18


  • Effective October 19th, 2012 through the end of the business day December 18, 2012. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 can be purchased for up to a 20% discount off of the Foundation Pack and Users from the Microsoft standard list price for new customers


  • And it gets even better – When these customers decide to eventually upgrade to a future version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the upgrade license credit will be based on the pre-discount value of these licenses (as per our current transition upgrade policy) so these customers can effectively extend the value of the initial investment by 20% (subject to being on an active plan at the time of the request)


  • For example, if a customer acquires licenses for a list price of $10,000, the discounted price of these licenses will be $8,000. Yet, the customer on plan at the time of an upgrade request will receive a $10,000 license credit towards the cost of the future version of the product. By giving customers full list license credit value, customers are essentially receiving an upgrade credit worth 20% more than the discounted license price