Change is inevitable, and it is not necessarily something we should be afraid of. When viewed with the right lens, it is possible that change can strengthen us. The same is true personally as it is on a business level.

Therefore, it is ideal to look at something like a digital transformation not as something to be afraid of but as something to be excited about. The opportunity to evolve your approach to how you use technology is something that can shake the cobwebs from your former practice and allow you to view this challenge in a new light.


What Is The Purpose Of A Digital Transformation?

You can think of your digital transformation as a process similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It is a necessary step to reaching your full potential. Companies that allow their current technology setup to exist unchanged for too long often find that they are far behind the times when they are trying to compete with other companies. Allow this to go on for too long, and your competition will take away more and more of your market share.

Other potential risks of being too slow to adapt to the times include:

  • Increased vulnerability to cyber threats
  • Customers who grow impatient with your lack of improvement in the technology sphere
  • The inability to attract new business
  • Less control over all forms of data that flow through the company


A digital transformation is not carried out to punish anyone or make the work more challenging. Instead, it is meant to help motivate people to do the work they are hired to do in as efficient as possible. Some team members are more likely to accept and adapt to these changes more quickly than others, but eventually, everyone needs to get on board. 


Look at Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc. one of our clients | To gain control over their finance and sales management, support their exponential growth, and start their digital transformation, FieldPiece migrated to Microsoft 365, replaced Intuitive™ with D365 Business Central, implemented D365 Customer Engagement, integrated DynamicShip™, a 3rd party shipping app from AppSource, and added multiple customized features using PowerApps & PowerBI.


How To Get the Ball Rolling On Digital Transformation?

Hopefully, the potential risks of not transforming with the times scared you at least a little. It would help if you carried that fear with you because it will help you continue advancing and making strides in the right direction. If you are curious about what you need to do to start the process, consider updating the systems you are currently using. Many companies use Microsoft Office products to conduct business, and that is a great start, but you may want to upgrade to the Microsoft 365 line of products to get even more valuable resources. 

Benefits of moving your office to Microsoft 365 include: 

  • Save money on the physical infrastructure needed to hold data and information
  • Save on payroll for IT professionals as fewer will be required after the switch
  • Open up possibilities to implement even more Microsoft 365 products in the future, including Microsoft Azure


The switch can happen very rapidly, and all that you need to do is prepare your team for what is about to take place. They need to be informed about and trained on the new processes, which is one reason why a digital transformation consultant may be worth hiring.


Why You Need a Digital Transformation Consultant

When you first step into this world, you may want to hire a professional consultant who can guide you through the process. This individual will become your point person as you wade through a digital transformation journey. The value of this person comes through in multiple ways, including: 


Read about West Dermatology, one of our clients | They leveraged their current Dynamics GP to jump-start their digital transformation and empower their remote workforce.


Increase The Speed at Which Change Happens

You want to move your company into the next phase of technological development as rapidly as possible, so you don’t lose any ground to your competition. A consultant can help bring you up to speed with what you need to do to make that happen. They can also make the process more comfortable for you overall. 


Train Users on How To Use New Programs

Employees are often very resistant to using new technologies at work. They get familiar with how a particular technology set works, and they do not want to evolve with the times. While their frustrations must be heard, there is also something to be said for working with them to get the job done regardless. A consultant can help guide employees on how they can use new technologies more effectively, and that is precisely what many of those employees need. 


Improve Security

Your consultant can inform you about all of the latest updates and upgrades relevant to keeping your system secure. This is particularly useful in the dangerous world that we live in from a cybersecurity point of view.


For more information about why a digital transformation is more important now than ever before, we hope that you will reach out and contact us for more information about how we can be of service to you.