Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 Business Central for Government Agencies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  is an excellent tool for not only small- to mid-sized companies to manage their business operations but also for government agencies. According to Microsoft, it provides users with “comprehensive business management” by connecting “service, finance, and operations teams” by helping them adjust more quickly and provide results.

As a government agency, you likely work within constrained budget cycles and timelines, therefore your ERP solutions must be flexible and adaptable in terms of business, security, and compliance that need to be overseen. Business Central works to centralize all your various operations into one program and can help you provide solutions for a variety of challenges while maintaining regulatory compliance and security requirements.

4 solutions Business Central can offer for government agencies

There are a variety of potential challenges that come with managing your agency’s operations and finances that can be solved with Business Central including security, efficiency, invoice and budget management, and account requirement compliance.

1. Business Central can assist government agencies with security

As a government agency, you’re working with highly confidential information and having the right security is key to the overall trustworthiness of your business. Business Central helps you meet those standards by providing you with a “built-in security system” that allows you to choose who has access to the database and what they can see and modify.

You can learn more about Business Central’s security and tips for using it successfully here!

2. Business Central can increase efficiency

As you know, increasing the efficiency of your operations means that you can minimize the efforts involved, leaving you more time to focus on more important and valuable tasks elsewhere. Working with Business Central can help you accomplish increased efficiency by:

  • Improving ease of use and access to total self-service capabilities and allow you to digitally transform your operations
  • Providing you with tools for “planning, resourcing, tracking, costing, billing, accounting, and real-time intelligence” that can help you complete projects timely and cost-effectively
  • Helping you make more suitable decisions quicker with tools like “embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability” between Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft Teams
  • And promoting conformity throughout subsidiaries, getting current reports and performance metrics, enhancing your forecasting, and boosting financial close

3. Business Central can help government agencies with invoice and budget management

Business Central can make invoicing and budgeting easier and more successful by activating financial and business insights. This can allow you to manage your cash flow, determine the amount spent on projects, increasing financial visibility from various sources and platforms, accounts payable and receivable organization, and getting metrics like financial patterns and trend analysis.

All these functions (and more) can help you keep your cash-flow and invoices organized and help you make better, clearer decisions about your budget!

4. Business Central can assist government agencies with account requirement compliance

Business Central was built to help users easily maintain compliance with regulatory legislation. Different types of compliance that Microsoft Business Central works to help you maintain includes:

Other benefits of using Business Central for government agencies

Business Central works to help government agencies meet required security compliance

There are a variety of security compliances that business’ need to meet including:

And more!

Business Central helps:

  • Promote multi-tasked management to cultivate healthy compliance, quality and security
  • Keep sensitive data protected from data incursions and other external threats 
  • Implement high-quality operability with both standard- and advanced-level expandability

Benefits of working with a Microsoft Partner to implement Business Central

Business Central is a useful tool for small- to mid-sized businesses and it is totally customizable for your organization’s unique needs. Working with a Microsoft Partner like TMC will help ensure that you have the best set-up for what you need!

Contact us to talk more about how TMC can help you set up the perfect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central account for your agency today!