Your ERP solution is here to make your life easier, work more efficiently and help your business grow. You have worked hard to implement your ERP Solution, from the selection of an ERP partner to the deployment of the software and training of your staff… but you simply are not meeting the original expectations your ERP partner gave you.

You might wonder: Were your expectation too high? Your budget too low? Is the project too ambitious? Are you not working fast/hard enough?

There are endless questions and goals to ponder before, during and after an ERP implementation.

More than 40% of ERP users do NOT consider their implementation a “success” *

Are you one of them? One explanation may be that you have outgrown your ERP partner. This may be due to a number of reasons, but below are a few common causes. The process of changing your ERP partner (to Microsoft Dynamics ERP) is made very simple by Microsoft, so you don’t get stuck with a partner that slows down your business. Here is a detailed report of the reasons your ERP partner may no longer fit your needs..

*Source: Panorama Consulting 2016 ERP reports.


 1. Your Partner Can’t Support Your Changing Needs



2. Your Partner Is Too Small To Provide Constant Support



3. Your Partner Lacks Transparency and Guidance



4. Your Partner Focuses on Sales, not Consulting