The 5 most common
Cloud ERP myths busted

From security to cost,
we bust them all!

Cloud ERP

Around the globe, cybersecurity is a constant headline in the news.

What is this new digital norm everyone’s talking about, and what can we do to stay safe and secure in this ever-changing connected world?

In this eBook, we’ll explore 5 common ERP myths, and we’ll arm you with resources to help your customers meet this growing threat head-on and fight back with strong cybersecurity defense.

Myth #1 I’m not a large enterprise, hackers won’t attack me!
Myth #2 Technology will fix everything
Myth #3 I don’t have the funds or resources for cybersecurity
Myth #4 Monthly payments that never go away are very expensive
Myth #5 Upgrading to Cloud ERP can be very expensive

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