Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition
Pricing & Licensing

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition simplifies licensing of business applications

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Pricing & Licensing

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition
Team Member

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Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition
Business Apps

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Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition
PLAN 1 or 2
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The Plan subscription price includes use of any and all applications contained in the respective Plan, dual use rights to any on-premises software where applicable, and PowerApps use across any data type, and Team Members use rights.

Individual business apps are $40 per user per month as will PowerApps.

     $40     POWERAPPS

     $95     SALES

     $95     FIELD SERVICE

     $95     CUSTOMER SERV.

     $95     PROJECT SERV. AUTO


     $190     OPERATIONS

Within the Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition, there is the option for full users to license by application or by Plan. There are five business application subscriptions, two Plan subscriptions, and there will be four options for licensing Dynamics 365 Enterprise:

  • One module at a time,
  • Enterprise Edition (Plan 1),
  • Enterprise Edition (Plan 2),
  • Dynamics 365 for Team Members Enterprise Edition

PowerApps is a subscription service (SaaS) for creating and using mobile business apps without the time and expense of custom software development. There is no Marketing application from Microsoft for the Enterprise edition. Microsoft is making Adobe Marketing Cloud it’s preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition.


Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition | PLAN 1

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition


Full User

Per user/month


Plan 1 and Team Members have tiered pricing that reduces marginal cost per user subscription as the number of subscriptions in an account increases.

The application subscription price includes use of that application, dual use rights of the on-premises software where applicable, the PowerApps app platform capabilities and common data model for Dynamics 365 data, and the Team Members use rights for light engagement with any other Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition application.

The price of the Team Members subscription for light users includes read access to any Dynamics 365 application data, portal, knowledge management, light task management across apps, and PowerApps in app Dynamics 365 data.

dynamics 365 enterprise edition plan 1 pricing

Pricing structure changes.

  • With tiered pricing we have different prices based on price tiers, 5 tiers in all.
  • The price tiers relate to the number of seats a customer plans to own at the end of the purchase. The tiers are 1-99, 100 to 249, 250 to 499, 500 to 999, and 1000+
  • So for example, a new customer who purchases 40 seats would pay $115 for Plan 1 but a new customer who purchases 500 would pay $70.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition | PLAN 2

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition


Full User

Per user/month


For those familiar with the licensing for AX7, it will be easy to understand the mapping to Microsoft Dynamics 365. On the left you will see the subscription licenses we have for AX7. The users include Enterprise, Task and Self-serve and of course we also have a device license.

The Enterprise User type maps directly to Dynamics 365 for Operations. You will notice that pricing remains the same at $190 per user per month. For an additional $20 per month users can add Plan 2 and gain access to Full PowerApps plus all the Plan 1 Business Apps.

Task and Self-serve users in AX will map to the Team Members SKU. That means the entire functionality currently included in task and self serve will be added to the use rights of the Team Members SKU. This includes much more than this light AX functionality. It also includes read access to all the Dynamics 365 Apps and light write functionality to CRM.

The device SKUs will map directly to the Operations device SKU. It includes the same use rights as the AX7 device SKU – for example POS and manufacturing devices are included in this SKU. As a reminder the Operations App and Plan 2 both have a 20 User minimum.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition
Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Light users

are often large number of users in an organization that may consume data or reports from line of business systems and who complete light tasks like time/expense entry and HR record updates. In the Dynamics 365 model “light users” are licensed with the Dynamics 365 for Team Members subscription.

Full users

are the users whose work requires use of the feature rich business apps functionality. Examples of full users are sales people, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers, supply chain managers, etc. These users have also been referred to in the past as Pro users or Power Users. In the Dynamics 365 license model, full users are licensed with either a Dynamics 365 Plan or Dynamics 365 application subscription.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Pricing & Licensing



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