Seems like you are NOT SATISFIED
by your current ERP Partner

Have no fear… We’ve got you!

Over time, needs and conditions may change for a company, and what may have seemed like a smooth and satisfactory relationship with your ERP partner, no longer fits your current state and requirements. There can be many reasons for this change or even a combination of them.

Companies change their ERP Partner mainly because of lack of support, the need to move to the cloud, larger projects their current partner can’t support, lack of specific industry expertise by their current partner, etc. It is usually around 1-2 years a Dynamics customer will stick with their current partner if things aren’t “going well” before they plan on making a change. Mainly because it’s all too new and too expensive to make a move before that.

How to Request a change of partner?

3 Easy Steps to Changing your partner:

  1. Sign the Change of Partner agreement with Microsoft
  2. Engage with your new partner to assess the current state of your system
  3. Change of partner can be completed, at any time, in just a few days.

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