4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your ERP Partner

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TMC President

“Over time, needs and conditions may change for a company, and what may have seemed like a smooth and satisfactory relationship with your ERP partner, no longer fits your current state and requirements. There can be many reasons for this change, or even a combination of them.”

Jennifer Harris, TMC President

Good News!

Your business has been successful, and seen significant growth.

Has your current ERP partner been able to keep up with, and support, your growth? 

Not all consulting firms can offer the skills and experience you need.  Over time, your business needs to remain flexible and adaptive, and your partner needs to do the same.

1 | Your Partner Can’t support your changing needs

As your business has grown and changed over-time, your consulting company needs to continue to provide the skills and services required to support your growth.

When the primary consultant on your account is re-assigned, or leaves the consulting company, is there a team there, ready and available, to step in?  Have you ever met “the rest of the team”?  Does the team know anything about you or your company?

2 | Your Partner is Too Small to give you the best all the time

The consulting team that handled your implementation delivered as promised. And then disappeared. Smaller consulting firms may lack the depth and skill sets you need, or the handful of experienced consultants they can offer are re-assigned to a new client, while you are left with the new and inexperienced staff to handle your issues and concerns.

3 | Your Partner Lack of transparency and guidance

Who’s driving the schedule here? 

Have you received a “planned upgrade” notice from your ERP Partner?  You’re getting the latest version, and your partner has decided “now is the time”.

ERP packages will typically offer new releases and updates, and you should have a voice in deciding when the upgrade gets performed, not only your ERP partner.

How to Request a change of partner?

Easy Steps to Changing your partner:

  1. Sign the Change of Partner agreement with Microsoft
  2. Engage with your new partner to assess the current state of your system
  3. Change of partner can be completed, at any time, in just a few days.

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4 | Your Partner, Sales Company, or a Consulting Company?

The ERP Partner you purchased from is really a “sales” organization, not a “support and services” organization.

This is frequently the case when the existing ERP was purchased direct from the Vendor, and their interest and enthusiasm has declined (or evaporated) once the initial project was declared “Finished”.  If you feel like you have been on the receiving end of “over-promised and under-performed”, you have probably been working with a “Sales” company.

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4 Signs You've Outgrown your ERP Partner
4 Signs You've Outgrown your ERP Partner