Any Document | Any Department | Any Process

How many enterprise document management systems do you need? ONE

KwikTag is your enterprise document management system. No longer do you need point products in individual departments. You can use the same system for accounting, sales orders, employee onboarding, and corporate forms – any business area that is burdened by paper and bottlenecks.

Accounting Process Automation
Automating your accounting processes prepares your company for growth and drives efficiency.

As your business grows and experiences digital transformation, chances are that you’re upgrading your production systems to support that growth. Yet, you’re still managing your financial processes in Excel (included in Microsoft 365 Business)? You can’t drive a sports car with a motorcycle engine.

Sales Order Process Automation
What happens today when your customers or distributors don’t receive products on time?

Not only are they upset about the delay, your sales operations team scrambles to find the missing orders, holding up the current production and other orders, creating an even greater backlog of orders.

Onboarding Process Automation
Business growth is great. As long as you have the processes and systems in place to support it.

When you experience rapid growth and need to onboard new employees, contractors or vendors, how many other departments have to stop their business priorities to manage the onboarding? And how does that impact the overall business performance? What started as a good thing can quickly become a burden.

Corporate Process Automation
How many of your corporate processes start with a form? Are they easy for employees to find?

If you’re like most organizations, this is a hidden frustration that wastes a lot of time and causes unnecessary work-arounds and unhappy employees. As a result, the “process” isn’t trusted or adopted.

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