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Creative Circle | Dynamics GP Implementation

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Creative circle Dynamics GP implementation

Creative Circle | Dynamics GP Implementation

Congratulations to our consulting team on a successful implementation of Dynamics GP at  Creative Circle for CREATIVE CIRCLE

It was an incredible Dynamics GP implementation and here are the details:

  • What was the original problem?
    • Automate the download of AR Lockbox information from Bank of America in a format that could be imported to the AR Lockbox in GP. The automation needed to include a translation of Customer Name from the bank to Customer ID in GP to allow the AR Lockbox auto-apply function to work
    • Automate the upload of the Positive Pay file generated from GP to Bank of America.
  • TMC Implemented:
    • Setup Positive Pay and Lockbox in Dynamics GP
    • Integrated with BofA SFTP utilizing public/private key for authentication
    • Nightly download of AR Lockbox file from Bank of America, converts BofA flat file to Lockbox compatible import file for GP and converts customer name to customer ID to allow for auto-apply in Lockbox
    • Positive Pay upload to Bank of America, Users generate file from GP and place in folder and auto-uploaded to BofA
  • What are the Benefits?
    • Lockbox – Save time – Automates the manual entry and application of payments from customer
    • Postive Pay – Save time – user only needs to click the generate positive pay button in GP. The file is automatically saved to the upload process where the automation uploads the file to BofA. Alternatively, the user would have had to save the file, login to the BofA website, go to positive pay upload, and manually upload file to BofA.
    • Both – automation improves data integrity

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Creative Circle is a specialized staffing agency that connects innovative advertising, marketing, creative, digital, and interactive professionals with companies seeking talent on a full-time or freelance basis.


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