| Intelligent AP Automation brings smart AP and AR automation and new payment capabilities to your business

Their invoice-to-pay-to-reconcile workflow, which incorporates purchase orders, integrates tightly with your accounting software. It gives you a central hub for invoices and automated payments with an audit trail. works with your accounting software and tools in your tech stack to keep information up-to-date. Improve team productivity, reduce manual data entry, and reconcile accounts faster with automatic sync and data integration.

Data Integration

You can configure to import and export files to keep data, bills, invoices, and payments up to date. Export data through templates configured to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or import files made to work with’s Mission

To make it simple to connect and do business.

We make paper-based manual transaction processing obsolete by transforming how our customers manage their cash inflows and outflows, creating efficiencies and freeing our customers to run their businesses.

Helping businesses succeed faster

We free our customers from outdated financial processes and simplify their lives with a solution that is:

  • Automated and efficient: automates manual work to help businesses pay domestic and international bills more efficiently. Our customers report saving on average 36 business days annually.
  • Unified and integrated: Our platform connects businesses to their suppliers and clients, and integrates with popular accounting software and financial solutions.
  • Digital and cloud-based: Invoices, contracts, and other important business documents are stored in the cloud for quick reference on any device—only by authorized users, of course.
  • Visible and transparent: With key workflows visible on a single dashboard, businesses can gain more insight into their operations and intelligently manage cash flows.

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