Project Description

Avalara Sales tax

Avalara lives and breathes tax compliance so you don’t have to.

They’re a team of tax experts and technologists behind one solution for your business. Learn why so many companies are choosing them.

Tax Calculation

AvaTax Sales & Use Tax

Even when manual tax processes are manageable, keeping up with the changes can be impossible — there’s always the possibility of legislative regulations, new tax rules, and shifts in product taxability.

Rather than spending time ensuring your rates, product taxability, and collection requirements haven’t changed, let our cloud-based SaaS system evaluate each transaction based on the latest laws and rules, without additional effort from your IT or finance teams.

Tax Returns

Avalara Returns

Determines your applicable taxes, generates schedules and returns, and handles filing and payments for all major excise reporting jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada. Prepares and files your sales and use tax returns with a higher degree of accuracy than doing it yourself – and in a fraction of the time.

Tax Document Management

Avalara CertCapture

CertCapture syncs with your transaction tax software to automatically apply tax exemptions to purchases, including drop-shipments and purchase orders.

It also serves as an audit management platform by storing all your exemption certificates in one place. Bulk export your documents, or grant auditors read-only access to your files — a special portal allows your auditor to see only the exemption certificates they request, so you can close audits faster.