For 32 years and over 4,000 clients globally, ACOM has helped organizations transform how they do business, enabling them to intelligently capture information within documents, then verify, analyze, process, route and archive information automatically. ACOM has designed true groundbreaking integration with Dynamics GP.  Driven by ACOM’s content management platform, payables automation delivers “real-time” functionality from purchase order through completed GP transaction and secure archival.  Automatically capture invoices and related documents to create Dynamics GP transactions directly from OCR data or workflow approval. Eliminate manual and repetitive processes – increase efficiency, productivity and accelerate approval time from days or weeks into just hours.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Connect with ANY trading partner in ANY industry and seamlessly integrate with virtually ANY application.

Document Management

Design, process, output and storage for IBM® forms, documents and business information.

Payment Management

Bring company payments under control with powerful IBM® management tools for the enterprise.

Payment Processing

One unified Windows® payment platform to eliminate manual processes.

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