Netsuite Training

Netsuite TrainingNetsuite ERP software puts a ton of useful data and capabilities at your service, but this valuable software isn’t much good without Netsuite training for you team. In business, time is essentially money, and training will save time lost to a trial-and-error approach to learning the system. Additionally, it will save money by reducing the mistakes from the “errors.” At Technology Management Concepts, we recognize the importance of thorough training and are happy to provide instruction to optimize how well Netsuite works for you. Plus, you even get to choose how your team is trained.

Customized Onsite Training

In an effort to make Netsuite implementation and training process as ideal and effective as possible, TMC will train your team onsite, either over the web using our web-based training system or in a traditional classroom environment. The benefits of onsite training include:

  • employees learn in the environment they work in
  • hands-on training takes place on the computers they work with every day
  • any number can be trained, from one individual to an entire group
  • familiarity enhances training, as data from legacy system is used for instruction

Group Classroom Training Offsite

This cost-effective solution is priced per-student and trains your team offsite in a state of the art classroom with other attendees. Led by a Certified TMC Consultant, your employees will participate in discussions, hands-on exercises, and observe demonstrations designed to teach a range of topics from beginner to advanced.

Private Classroom Training

TMC’s private classroom training option gives your employees individualized attention for optimal training benefit. Conducted in the environment of your choice, through onsite, offsite or web-based training, Technology Management Concepts can even train your team in a combination of these to maximize the training experience.

TMC ensures you’ll get the most out of your ERP software whichever option you choose for professional Netsuite training.