Go-Live with CRM in *30 Days
with Dynamics 365 Sales

Fixed price $14,995
(Only 6 Spots available, “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE”)

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Do you really want a CRM solution, but just don’t have the time
and think it’s going to cost too much money?

Stop worrying! Here at TMC, we know that the thought of implementing a new CRM solution is grand and that most clients just want to get up and running with the basics of CRM with the highest efficiency and ease.

We have developed the LaunchPad program just for this. We will get your organization tracking sales opportunities, working on leads, tracking customer/vendor/partner interactions, filing emails, and maintaining your new and existing client base from A to Z in one central location.

Who is this offer designed for?

If your sales team is 15 people or less and you are currently maintaining your customer and sales information in spreadsheets, Outlook, and people’s minds, this is the right program for you.


If you have more than 15 users, you currently have an existing CRM solution & need to migrate to Dynamics 365, you already own Dynamics 365 but need a CRM partner to help assess your existing environment/make modifications to it, etc.

Don’t worry! TMC can still support you. Sign up here/email here to set up a call with our CRM Practice Manager to provide your team a personalized assessment of your CRM project.

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What is included in this offer?

  • Up to 15 Person Licensed User System
  • Up to 50 User Defined Fields
  • Up 20 Sales Workflow with up to 6 Stages a Piece
  • 6 Custom Views
  • Streamlined/Customized Account, Contact, Opportunity Screen
  • 3 Email Templates
  • 10 Business Rules (e.g. Make field X visible if Y=value)
  • Security Configuration
  • Import of up to 5000 Accounts and Contacts
  • 4 End User Training Sessions (Train the Trainer Option)
  • 4 Post-Go-Live Training/Consulting Calls
  • 4 Custom Forms (screens)
  • Screen and App clean-up/customization
  • 5 Workflows/Automations On Change or Creation of Records
    (E.g. send an e-mail if X changes to Y, Approval process, etc.)
  • User Setup
  • Email and Outlook configuration
  • Ring Central Integration (requires client licensing and account with Ring Central)

How long will it take to GO LIVE?

Our program is developed to take you LIVE with CRM within 30 days* and once you are LIVE we are here to help through the first couple of weeks in order to re-train and assist your team with any issues or questions they may have.


All functionality/configuration requests must be in the scope of what Dynamics can do within the configuration and administrative boundaries of the system. Changes that require custom coding will result in a Change Order.

In order to meet the 30-day Go-Live, meetings must be scheduled within the pre-defined schedule above. Failure to meet client responsibility or project scheduling may result in a longer length of time required for Go-Live. Any requests not specified within this document will be considered a Change Order.

An additional, CRM license will need to be available to TMC during the course of the project.

Schedule your Kick-off Meeting >

Week 1
Kick-off Meeting (0.5 hours),
Business Process Review Calls (2-4 hours), Status Call

Week 2
TMC System Configuration and setup, Status Call

Week 3
Client System Review & Status Call

Week 4
GO Live and Training & Status Call

Week 5
Post Training Calls & Status Call

Week 6
Post Training Calls & Final Status Call

Why just get “up and running”?

We find that a lot of organizations (see why CRM Implementations fail) tend to bite off more than they can chew and implement a highly customized system before they even test drive it with the basics*.

Oftentimes, users will find better ways of accomplishing things with native features rather than try and build the system that they may think that they want. It’s important to lay a solid foundation and use what the system has to offer, get ROI, and user buy-in, then move on to additional phases and features of the system.

*Not Included: Custom code/scripting – Custom Entities – Integration with external systems – Customer Service App/Module

A la Carte – Integration & Features

  • Dynamics 365 BC Integration
    (Add $1,995 – Will add an additional week to the configuration
    phase of the project)
  • Accounts & Contacts Bi-Directional Sync (Ask for pricing)
  • Invoices ERP > CRM (Ask for pricing)
  • Products ERP > CRM (Ask for pricing)
  • CRM Opportunities/Quotes > ERP (Ask for pricing)
  • Color Change on Accounts on Credit Hold (Ask for pricing)