Discover our Azure Cloud Migration Offer for your ERP

“To Cloud or Not to Cloud? The answer to this popular question may come down to a –when- decision, and not an -if- decision for many organizations.”

Jennifer Harris, TMC President

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Option 1
“Your Dynamics ERP is NOT on Azure YET”

On-Premise to
Azure Cloud Migration

— Free system review —
— Free Azure Migration services —
— $1,000 off of your first month —

Save $3,500

1 year contract required, billed monthly, must sign before 12/31/19

Option 2
Your Dynamics ERP is ALREADY on Azure”

Exchange your Azure
Cloud Solution Partner (CSP)

Associate your Azure Hosting to our CSP
(Empower TMC to manage sales, provide technical and billing support and be your single point of contact for anything about Microsoft Azure.)

Save $1,000

Get $1,000 credit off initial spend of Azure. Must sign by 12/31/19

Why Migrate your Dynamics ERP system to Azure Cloud?

Cloud IaaS is more flexible than using On-Premise infrastructure

When you are purchasing and maintaining your own infrastructure, any changes that you want to make to that structure come out of your pocket. This includes any equipment and personnel needed to make a given change or enable a specific feature. These upfront costs can restrict the flexibility of your on premise infrastructure.

With cloud infrastructure as a service, you can quickly adapt your infrastructure to your needs without having to make large investments in costly hardware each and every time. This makes adopting a new infrastructure solution easy and inexpensive, increasing flexibility.

Contributing Factors to On-Premise Server Costs

  • Server hardware costs
  • Backup and backup server management
  • Software licensing (often more expensive for small businesses compared to wholesale pricing at ServerMania)
  • Hardware upgrade and replacement
  • Heating and cooling costs
  • Network setup and maintenance
  • Fire suppression
  • Power setup and redundancy management
  • Server management and staffing costs

You can focus on running your organisation

IaaS providers like TMC have experts who manage the IT needs for an organisation, allowing directors to run their organisations without worrying about installing the latest server update or virus protection software.

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