NetSuite's cloud-based software ideal for retailers with brick-and-mortar or eCommerce business

Small to medium-sized business, whether using NetSuite CRM, or ERP, improve their operations in so many areas with this cloud-based (SaaS) platform.

For manufacturers, product managers not only can track the movement of raw materials to their facilities, but monitor the phases through completion; then, the NetSuite patent-pending Dashboard can display supply and distribution progress all the way to the consumer.

What’s more, the cloud-based software makes it easy for all the stakeholders to collaborate and make real-time decisions regardless where they might be.

Netsuite: Ideal for retail businesses.

Today’s emphasis on consumer preferences and the need for more mobile interaction with retailers during the shopping experience makes Netsuite a formidable business tool.

Globally, companies are integrating their core business processing tasks with NetSuite, including a retailer in the U.K. called “Fat Face.” Owners liked the suite’s “responsive design platform” providing eCommerce businesses with software that leverages the online, mobile and in-store visits by consumers.

For  ‘Fat Face,’ it’s all about providing enhancing the customer experience.

Before NetSuite, the retailer was trying hard to keep up with the consumer’s preferences in their brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, they were launching eCommerce sites for the store and attempting to maintain brand and shopping continuity.

As consumers come to rely more and more on their mobile devices, they expect real-time product information, including the latest in instore and online promotions.

NetSuite: ideal for going global.

Fat Face ventured into the U.S. market, and in doing so, came to rely on the web-based program to sort through layers of currency calculations and tax requirements.

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