Transitioning to any application suite is a complex process. And if you and your company have elected to move forward with a NetSuite implementation, there are some things you’ll probably want to keep in mind in order to ensure the transition runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

NetSuite is a powerful tool, but only if correctly and carefully integrated into your business.

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
    Smashing NetSuite into your existing inefficient workflow and chaotic environment will not single-handedly turn your business into a shining model of productivity. You’ll need to do a little spring cleaning first — double-check all of your data, back up the important stuff, work with employees on building better organizational habits, and look for ways to improve your existing work pathways. NetSuite implementation has a bigger impact when you start with a strong footing.
  • Work with a NetSuite Partner
    NetSuite has a worldwide network of incredible partners with deep experience in implementing the software and working with businesses. It’s not just about the technical elements of getting everything installed — a NetSuite partner can work directly with your business and its existing practices to spot opportunities for improvement and better tailor the implementation to your specific needs. This also saves you the trouble of designating a team to the transition.
  • Take it Slow
    NetSuite ERP solutions will indeed make your business more efficient, but it’s not an overnight transition. Employees need to get used to the software, workflow bugs need to be worked out and kinks need to be discovered and fixed. Be ready for a slight dip in productivity as your business flexes and adjusts to the new methods of work NetSuite brings, and don’t be surprised if it takes a few weeks or months for everyone to end up on the same page.

Changing any part of your business can feel scary. This is especially true when working with such a massive shift as will occur when you successfully implement NetSuite. But with the right approach and a little patience, you will be amazed at how NetSuite completely changes your business.