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Dynamics GP 2013 Features – TMC

The day is here that everyone in the ERP world has been waiting for…..Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available! TMC is thrilled to announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now ready for purchase and/or upgrade.

This landmark release offers SMB organizations unprecedented choice in how the product is deployed, accessed and used, so your customers can get the information they need, when they need it, and on the device of their choice. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is all about the power of choice – enabling flexible options around deployment, access, and use that facilitate new opportunities and promote empowerment, rather than imposing limitations.

GP 2013 is a fantastic release that offers huge value to all customers. For example, simpler, faster, lower-risk deployments with RapidStart Services; an innovative new Web client and improved “hostability”; rich interoperability with other Microsoft technologies such as Office 365; and more than 125 new feature enhancements.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will not only transform how your company and team work, but will increase productivity, with compelling new application functionality giving you the ability to access the Business Analyzer from your home page, prepay purchase orders, drop-ship serialized items, track and report get rich context on each transaction with document attach, and more!

Key enhancement areas for GP 2013 include the following:

• Choice in how the product is deployed, as well as how people access and use it. Customers can access Microsoft Dynamics GP through a rich and innovative new Web client so they can get to the information they need when they need it and on the device of their choice. Improved “hostability” features include a new hosting management console for cloud deployments to streamline deploying and managing Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud.

• Faster, lower-risk deployment with new RapidStart tools that can significantly reduce the time and effort required to configure Microsoft Dynamics GP for each customer’s specific needs.

• Improved productivity through enhanced ease of use throughout the product, as well as deeper interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies.

•  Transform the way your people work by putting timely information and easy-to-use tools in their hands when they need them, no matter their location.

•  Connect the people inside and outside your organization and give them insight and context to drive better decisions and boost productivity.

•  Streamline systems, so that your IT team can think about ways to support growth instead of maintaining software.

•  Improve your margins and enhance the bottom line, generating cash to fund growth.

GP 2013’s customers access and use the solution is now a matter of their preference and their convenience. Customers can access Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 through a rich and innovative new Web client. This enables all of your employees easy access to Microsoft Dynamics GP with the new web client, so they can connect and contribute wherever they are, from their PC or mobile device.That sort of flexibility boosts not only productivity at the workplace, but also allows for innovation and inspiration wherever they are.

Customer choice also applies to deployment. A customer can choose to deploy on premises, hosted by a partner in the cloud, or a combination of the two that makes the most sense for their business and budget. For example, a customer could choose to retain their core financials at their business location, but use Email, Exchange and Excel in the cloud. It’s their choice. In addition, improved “hostability” features, including multitenant databases and a new hosting management console, will help ensure streamlined cloud deployments.

Whichever type of deployment method is chosen, this release offers a faster implementation with new RapidStart Services that use a simple, standardized process to help get customer solutions up and running not in weeks or months like other solutions, but in days.  In addition to significantly reducing the time and effort required to configure a solution for each customer’s specific needs, RapidStart Services can also reduce the down-time and business risk associated with implementation of a new solution, and help limit costly consulting hours.

TMC’s customers will benefit from a simple, intuitive experience and more than 125 new features and capability enhancements to the solution’s comprehensive business management functionality. These enhancements optimize daily operational and financial processes, improve collaboration, BI and reporting, and deepen interoperability with other Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft Office and Office 365.

Initial feedback from our early adopter customers already has been extremely positive. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 offers unprecedented choice in how and where the product is accessed and used, enables fast, flexible deployments, and delivers comprehensive capabilities that work like and with the solutions you already use in your business every day. It offers a rare combination of simplicity, choice and power that will drive long-term value for SMB customers.

You can scramble to keep up with these changes or you can take control and by delivering a comprehensive vision and solution for your business. Consistent product releases, which are cost effective to deploy and easy to implement at your pace, help you transform your business.

The release is available for English speaking countries. French Canadian and LATAM Spanish versions are planned to be available in H1 of CY 2013.

Read the full press release here!

To inquire about purchasing GP 2013 or upgrading your current Dynamics GP version to GP 2013, call TMC at 310-559-3982 or email Pat Quimby to receive a free quote for your company