Think forward.

The way people and organizations work is changing. Don’t just react to the many changes facing your business, take control and shape your future. With convenient web-access to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you and your team will have greater access
to the tools and forward-looking insight you need to work better, faster, and smarter.

Increase productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will not only transform how you and your team work, but will increase productivity, with compelling new application functionality giving you the ability to access the Business Analyzer from your home page, prepay purchase orders, drop-ship serialized items, track and report get rich context on each transaction with document attach, and more!

Stay ahead.

Success is about more than growing your business in the near term. It’s over the long term. Getting the most
out of your business investments directly contributes to this goal. Your Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) helps you:

  • Stay current on the latest and best solution.
  • Get more out of your IT investments.
  • Chart a technology roadmap that keeps your business on the forefront of innovation.
  • While Microsoft Dynamics delivers the vision, tools, and support you need to get ahead of changing business conditions and the competition—at the end of the day, you’re in charge. Set the pace premises, in the cloud, or take a hybrid approach. It’s your choice.
gp 2013 preview
Work more efficiently with web access in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and convenient window preview capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 New Features

  • Printer Selection – You can change your printer at the time of each report, and it will not change the default printer for the next time you print.
  • Reports Security – You no longer need to expand each forms and reports lists separately and make the selection for which report or form you desire security on. For example, if you install the Project Accounting module and you want all Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports to be selected on Project Accounting, you can Change All. You can also choose to Revert to Default.
  • Licensing – If you currently own Microsoft Dynamics® GP (“Dynamics GP”), you already know your users are concurrent. This means you can have as many users set up in Dynamics GP as you desire, but you can only have five users in at a time, if that is your license limit. So that is not changing if you own Dynamics GP. However, for Subscription-based customers, Dynamics GP licenses are on a named user basis and not concurrent. If you are licensed for three users, you will only be able to set up three named users in Dynamics GP for subscription-based customers.
  • User Setup – In the User Setup window in Dynamics GP, there is now a status field where you can inactivate users. In the example of Seasonal workers, this may come in handy. There is also an option to make a particular user “Limited” in which they only have “Read-only” access and cannot enter transactions. There is also a new Summary button on the User Setup window that shows current users in the system, registered users and whether they might have the “Limited” access as previously mentioned.
  • Advanced Lookups – For Advanced Lookups, you can now save a default view for future use. So if you like to sort your vendors by City in your Vendor Lookup Window, you can save those Additional Sorts so that each time you come into that Lookup, it’s saved that way.
  • Home Page – Additional customization options are now available to design your Home Page in Dynamics GP. You can drag/drop, maximize, and other fun stuff. I’ll let you play with that when you see it! The changes you make remain until you change them again.
  • Batch Approval – In prior versions, after posting, you could not see who made the approvals or when. Now, you can do SQL queries for two new added fields – APPRVLUSERID and APPRVLDT – Approval user id and approval date, to see who approved the batch and when, after the transaction is posted. However, if you use Period Consolidation in the Financial Series, then the approval info will be left blank because transactions from several batches could be consolidated into one.
  • 64-bit Outlook – You can now use the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook to e-mail Word templates from Dynamics GP. They have fixed the error messages for this!
  • Document Attachments to transactions – You can now attach files to Items, Customers, Vendors, Sales Order Processing, and Purchase Order Processing. There is a particular setup process for this feature.
  • Password Protect Word Documents – In prior versions you had to actually password protect in Word. Now you can do it in Dynamics GP itself. There is brief setup to do this under Admin > System Preferences

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